Submission from RepublicofIkea.

Submission from RepublicofIkea.


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I have a few requests in my ask, so I’m really sorry that my laptop broke. I’m either on mobile or the library computer, so I can’t make memes. I’m working to get this resolved, but it could be a while. <3


foonirvanacage said: Peace sign from part one cx

  •  What are your favorite and least favorite parts of having multiple people in your head?

My favorite part is that for the most part they do their job :p I’m eternally grateful that they can keep things from me, even if it gets irritating, because I know that I literally couldn’t cope what they know, hence why they exist.

My least favorite part… probably being co-con with people who are vastly different. Sometimes when I’m co-con with two of my alters, Mac and Xavier, it gets pretty crazy because they’re both very sexual people, but have opposite interests, so they’re always squabbling over whether they should talk to the really attractive girl or the really attractive guy, and I’m just like… Guys, I really need to work on my homework. 


projectintelligence said: Pt 1: ☢ ☺ Pt 2: ✧ ♫ ♌

Thank you for asking ^_^ TW: We will mention sex.

☢ Mid sentence switches can always be a bit awkward for people around us, but the most awkward is when someone else gets in the driver’s seat when someone else is supposed to be having ”grown up” time. (Like that one time Linus came out when I was having sex with my person. -Mac) 

☺Well, getting Mac and Xavier laid is one way to get them happier. but the whole them being of ‘another world’ means that they turn everything into a downer. Maggie will  cheer-up when she is allowed to play. She loves having tea parties with Piglet and Linus, who is her imaginary friend (based off of the Linus in our system. Levi says he doesn’t need cheering up because he’s never sad. Luz… The only thing to calm her down is to have her complete the task she set out to do; generally fist fighting because she doesn’t really *do* talk.

Does eyesight or handwriting change when you switch? Oh yeah. We all have different styles of writing, and our eyesight ranges from perfect vision, which most of the alters have, my lazy eye, and then something is different for Ace.

♫:What different musical tastes are represented within your system? Wow. All of them, really. There’s some of will only listen to pop, some to country,some to rock n roll, some to classical, some to opera, some to Broadway things.

Which alters prefer to be inside? Which prefer to be outside? Well, Mac likes to be outside, Maggie likes to either be inside, or co-con. Leo’s happy inside, but forays out sometimes.Xavier is on the wall of preference. Most of the others don’t really care.




☯: How do you and your other parts communicate? Do you have an inner world or “brain dumps”?
☮: What are your favorite and least favorite parts of having multiple people in your head?
☢: What was the most embarrassing time an alter switched in or out?
☣: To the last five people who have fronted: what do you look like in your own body/on the inside? What do you wish you could change about the body? What big differences do you notice a lot between yourself and the body?
☼: Out of the five (or ten) most recent fronters, who are the most extroverted to the least?
❅: What is the age range between all of your parts?
✪: Do any of the parts do better in some areas of daily life than others? What are they?
✞: What different religions are present in your system? How does everyone practice their own beliefs?
✿: Are any of your parts in relationships? If so, are they polyamorous? Queer? With singlets? With another or multiple other multiple/did systems?
☺: What’s a sure way to cheer up the five last fronters?
♋: Are there any different species in your system? Fictionkin or factives?
☿: What genders are represented in your system? How does the body present? Does this create any problems for the system members of different genders?
◍: Does your system have a gatekeeper? A protector? Any littles?
♉: How do inner disputes work? What do parts often squabble about in your system?
♌: Have animals ever reacted differently to you or your other parts?
♑: Do you often lose time? How good at reminding each other of memories are you?

    ❊:Is your host the original personality? Does anyone match the body’s appearance and name?
    ❆:Do you and the other parts often get along? What are some of the best and worst relationships within the system?
    ✶:Are there any items or people that different alters are protective or territorial over?
    ✱:What are your littles’ favorite shows or toys?
    ★:Are there any nonhumans in your system? If so what kind?
    ✡:Does the body attend any sort of religious gathering? What kind of practices do the alters get up to?
    ❂:What different races are represented in your system? Does this affect how they feel about fronting?
    ✧:Does eyesight or handwriting change when you switch?
    ✤:Do system members ever play games outworld with each other?
    ♆:What does your inner world look like?
    ☯:Do you have a gatekeeper? Do they control your inner world or does someone else?
    ☓:If you feel comfortable answering, are there any persecutors in your system?
    ‡:What different books are everyone in the system reading right now?
    ☭:What time periods do people in your system come from? Are they all from modern day or are some from the past or future?
    ☪:How easy are switches? Can you usually control them?
    ✌:What different political beliefs are represented within your system?
    ☮:Do you have a therapist? Do they know about your multiplicity/DID?
    ø:Are any of your alters mute, deaf, blind, or missing some other sense of communication or perception? How does this affect them fronting?
    ♯:Do any of your alters play musical instruments?
    ♫:What different musical tastes are represented within your system?
    ღ:To the five last fronters: Are you single or are you taken, and do you like this or would you like that to change?
    ❦:Do any of you have an easier time with plants or animals than others?
    シ:Who are the most optimistic and pessimistic people in the system?
    ✎:Have any of you ever written about your experiences with multiplicity/DID/MPD, fictional or non?
    ✈:Do you enjoy travel? Which alters would like to see what parts of the world?
    ☏:Do any of your meatspace friends know about your multiplicity/DID/MPD? If so do they address your alters as different people?
    ☤:What different careers are all of your alters aspiring to? What career is the body in or is the body pursuing?
    ⌘:Who is the most and least adept with computers and technology in the system?
    ϟ:If the body is injured, what alter comes out to deal with it?
    ☃:How are your alters enjoying the current weather of your locale?
    £:Which alters are the best with money? When was the last time they bought something for themselves and what was it?
    ♞:What are each of your alters favorite clothing item that they own?
    ❃:Do any of your alters smoke cigarettes? What brands do they prefer?
    ❀:Do any alters like mind altering substances like drugs or alcohol? Which and what do they prefer? Does this cause problems for those who don’t?
    ✘:If/when your body was in school, what subjects attracted which alters?
    ♐:What kind of skills do your alters have on the inside that don’t manifest on the outside? Does this frustrate them?
    ☄:If you have littles, who takes care of them most of the time?
    ➪:How often are you co-con? Who’s most likely to be co-con with whom?
    ≍:How often do disagreements happen and how are they sorted out between alters?
    ≎:How active are you in the tumblr multiplicity/DID community? Why?
    ∰:What different disabilities and privileges are present in your system? How does this affect alters as they front?
    ■:Does your system have subsystems? How do you organize alters?
    ▣:Do different alters have different favorite foods or drinks? What are they?
    ▩:Do outsiders often notice switches? If so, how?
    ♈:What are the biggest differences between the last three fronters?
    ♉:Which alter seems to trump all of the others if theyre fighting for front?
    ♊:Are there any alters within your system who suffer DID/DD-NOS/multiplicity themselves?
    ♋:Is integration a goal for you? Does interest in integration change between alters?
    ♌:Which alters prefer to be inside? Which prefer to be outside?
    ♍:Are there any fictionkin or factives in your system? Have there ever been?
    ♎:How long have you had multiple people in your head?
    ♏:Which alter, when antagonized or messed with, usually has the most backlash from the rest of the system in their defense?
    ♑:Can certain alters not swim or read? Is this a result of fear or their background not teaching them how?
    ♒:Are there any different phobias presented in your system?
    ♓:What are your most significant co-morbid diagnoses and who suffers these specifically?
    ♅:What are the last five fronters favorite tv shows and movies?

**Just put these two together (sorry it’s so long, but Pt2 was huge). To avoid symbol duplicates, you can write Pt1 or Pt2 with it.  
Decided to reblog bc it may help those who’ve wanted to ask questions but don’t know how, or have too many, so you’d have a reference and can submit as many at a time as necessary.  …or for those who want to know these things but didn’t realize they did ;)


Anonymous said: Hi this is from a plural/multiple system to you and other systems, to spread some anon love~ We hope you all are feeling good or if not, that you'll get better soon!

Thank you, darling. We got this on both MIA and our personal, and it’s really touching.

From anon. 

From anon. 

From Phoenixrising2013: &#8220; &gt;.&lt; lol this happened at least twice, different ones each time&#8221;

Mod note: This happens soo often. Anytime the littles get a new shampoo, each one will try and eat it. There&#8217;s one that eats shampoo, conditioner, and vanilla extract because they think that they smell good so they must taste good. They never learn.

From Phoenixrising2013: “ >.< lol this happened at least twice, different ones each time”

Mod note: This happens soo often. Anytime the littles get a new shampoo, each one will try and eat it. There’s one that eats shampoo, conditioner, and vanilla extract because they think that they smell good so they must taste good. They never learn.